>Dev>ZinsideCom poor service

I eventually found a French reseller at which can ship that DEX4502. Unfortunately it took them 10 weeks to provide me with my hardware even though I was calling them twice a week on average. First of all it took them at least a week to realize they forgot to charge me the VAT and that only because I called them a few times. As I was paying the VAT I got a guy in charge of the delivery on the phone who told me they still have two DEX4502 in stock and they are not sold yet but he can't send it until they get the VAT. For some reason I never got any of those two machines and they had to get new supply which took for ever. As I was getting worried I kept calling them to try to get status update and estimated delivery date. Their e-mail status update is totally broken or they simply can't be bothered using it properly. They were incapable of ever giving me an estimated delivery date until 5 weeks passed the initial order at which point they told me there will be more delays. After eventually receiving my hardware I realized they sold me a CPU that's not from the series recommended for that machine. In fact AOpen recommends P8000 and P9000 series but they sold me some T9400. It probably works being the same socket but it consumes a lot more energy (35W against 25W for most P9000). Moreover since I need to run that machine 24/7 and DEX4502 being fan-less design I rather avoid overheating and stick to the recommended energy saver CPU. In many ways my experience dealing with has been awful. To their credit they have always been quite polite and they eventually delivered. I still have to solve my CPU issue and get the hardware up and running though. If I can avoid dealing with in the future I will. (07 Jan 2010)