Windows 10 Survival Guide

Here are a bunch of configuration and tweaks I like to apply to my Windows 10 installation.


First download the ISO directly from Microsoft Tech Bench. I find it a lot more convenient than through the Media Creation Tool.


Review Windows 10 user privacy settings as you see fit.
Disable the Connected user experience and Telemetry service.

Prevent PC waking up in the middle of the night

With standard user settings I could not prevent my PC from waking up in the middle of the night to perform some update however there is still a way to disable automatic update. All you need to do is open the Group Policy Editor got to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update and enable Configure Automatic Updates with whatever option is best for you.

Prevent desktop icons reset

Due to the various side effects a TV power cycle was having on my apps and desktop I eventually realized that turning off and on the TV caused Windows 10 to trigger a change of resolution and/or font size/DPI. After some research I forced the same DPI for all my displays, virtual and physical by doing the following:

Checkout Microsoft Answers

Shut down when pushing sleep button

I find shuting down when pressing the sleep button most useful especially on an HTPC.

Disable full screen notifications

Here is how to disable those blue "Get Update" full screen notifications you can't even discard using your keyboard, you the ones that keep interrupting your gaming.

Computer wakes up from sleep/hibernation for now reason

See this Super User post.