Task Manager

Visualize CPU usage on Symbian OS.

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Task Manager for Symbian OS devices.
Easily visualize CPU usage per process and thread.
It's a must have tool for power users to optimize their battery usage.
In fact more often than not processes with high CPU usage are the ones draining most power from your battery.

Task Manager provides the following features:

WARNING: Killing or Terminating a system process will reboot your device.



N8 draining its battery


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Background story

You might ask: Why do I need such a low level application for my smart phone? Why did you ever bother developing and publishing it? Well here is the story behind this most basic Task Manager.

Despite the announced End Of Life of the Symbian platform Nokia blessed us with quite a few firmware update since Symbian Anna. Trouble is, at time of writing, they still have bugs and some major ones too.

In fact as a daily Nokia E7-00 user I could not fail noticing that since some Belle update my phone would not survive more than 6 hours on a fully charged battery. That's 6 hours while idle without any application running. Now that's totally unacceptable for the most powerful smart phones but we are talking about Symbian and one of the platform strength is suppose to be power management. Well guess what: it isn't! Not anymore, not out of the box depending of you configuration your apps, the content of your internal drives, mass storage and memory card.

This battery drain bug I've noticed first hand on multiple E7, E6 and N8. Some owned by power users some owned by your average users. Most of all it was impacting me and my faithful E7 over months. So I went on a quest and tried to fix that issue. After a while monitoring power consumption using various third party apps I could easily tell if a device was currently affected. Trouble is despite many attempts I could not tell why. Rebooting the device does not help. Resetting the device appears to help for a while but that bug would always creep back and formatting your phone every couple of months is also unacceptable. Determined to keep on using my E7 I had to get my hands dirty and use my skills as a software developer to diagnose the issue. To pinpoint the problem I had to visualize CPU usage per process. Thus I came up with this Task Manager application. For the results of my investigations please checkout the following Nokia Support Forum Thread.

I recommend you setup your Symbian phone using the "four finger hard reset" method mentioned on All About Symbian. Then install all OTA update but not "Search Widget" nor "Microsoft Apps 2.01". You should also disable the Search on startup setting option. If you are storing large numbers of files on some of your drives you should make sure the folder containing them is set to 'Hidden'.

If you think you might be affected by this problem but are still not sure how to solve it please feel free to get in touch and I shall do my best to advise you.


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Release history

Version Release notes
v1.00(125) First public release.
v1.01(5) Displays CPU usage since last boot.
Displays instant CPU usage.
Displays VRAM usage.
Displays device uptime.
v1.01(12) Fixing broken rendering on devices set to non-English language.
v1.02(52) Adding process Kill and Terminate features.
Display system critical processes in red.
Display ROM based processes in pink.
Fix KERN-EXEC 0 panic upon screen rotation when displaying process details.
UI still displays when partially visible.

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Task Manager
Visualize CPU usage on Symbian OS.
Lists processes and threads along with their CPU usage