TWiki 4.2 Windows Installation Guide

Purpose & Scope

This is a step by step TWiki 4.2 Windows installation guide. It should have you running your own TWiki in no time. However security issues and advance settings are out of scope. We will take you through Apache2, Perl and TWiki installation. Basic Apache administration skills could be useful but not strictly required. Basic computer administration skills are assumed.

You've been warned

TWiki is really straightforward to set-up on Windows; however for obvious performance and security reasons we don't recommend you use Windows to run production TWiki server.


We applied this guide on an x86 machine running Windows XP SP2 yet it should be valid for most Windows installation.



TWiki configuration

Apache2 configuration

More TWiki configuration


You are done!

Happy TWiki wink

-- StephaneLenclud - 08 Feb 2008