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I worked eighteen months at Symbian Ltd. in 2003-2004 and it's simply been the best Job I ever had so far. When I arrived I could only speak three words of English and when I left I was technical lead on the Contact Model subsystem. Working there for me was challenging and mind blowing stick out tongue . Here is a little souvenir from my time in London.

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Symbian SDK Switcher

See SymSdks.

Symbian Signed

With Symbian OS v9 developer now have to sign their application in order to get them running on a device.

If you need non-grantable capabilities you can use Symbian Sign Online.

Developer certificate

From Symbian v9 SIS files must be signed to be installed on a device. Developers can acquire developer certificate form the Symbian Signed web site. Developer certificates are valid for 6 months.

Self-Signed certificate

To create a self-signed certificate do something like that:
makekeys -cert -dname "CN=Symbian OR=Symbian LTD CO=GB" HelloWorld.key HelloWorld.cer
Then use it to sign your SIS file as follow:
signsis -s HelloWorld-gcce.SIS HelloWorld.SIS HelloWorld.cer HelloWorld.key

Expiry date issue

Take a look at the Symbian FAQ 1441
For a 10 years validity certificate do something like:

makekeys -cert -expdays 3650 -password mypassphrase -dname "CN=Symbian OR=Symbian LTD CO=GB" slion.key slion.cer

CSL Arm Toolchain

To preprocess a file do something like:
"C:\Program Files\CSL Arm Toolchain\bin\arm-none-symbianelf-gcc.exe" -E C:\Dev\MyProject\src\MySourceFile.cpp



Carbide.vs and Visual Studio 2003

cpp.exe -undef -nostdinc myproject.mmp -D EKA2 -o myprojectvs.mmp

Development on Linux

Font drawing

DRM & Download

DRM & Download