SteelSeries H-Wireless, Headset

This is a first impression review.

I was looking for a wireless headset to complement a living room MediaPortal HTPC and Sonos Playbar 5.1 setup. Until now one had to switch Windows audio output device to use the headset and some people in the household just can't put up with that. Therefore I was looking for a seamless headset experience and when I realized that H-Wireless thing had an optical pass-through I thought that's probably just what I need. Indeed I did put the H-Wireless base station between my PC and Sonos Playbar and it's all working great. No more fiddling with Windows audio devices. To switch to headset just turn it on, mute the Playbar and enjoy. The audio input comes from optical. Mic audio output I connected to my SoundBlaster? mic jack, one can use USB instead. Build quality is great. Setup is straight forward, there is a quick tutorial on the base station display when you first connect the device.Ear cups are large enough for my relatively big ears.Sound quality is fantastic, dolby surround feel is brilliant. Comfort is great though I still have to try it for more then 15mn.

One thing though: I wish that display could turn off automatically or manually. It's no big deal as it's quite comfortable, no ugly backlight ruining your movie experience. You can also turn off the brightness fairly low. However the base station is so small that the display is pretty much unreadable in the living room from your coach. It would be nice to have a living room variant of that product with a much larger display and an IR receiver.

Anyway those are really minor points since once setup you don't need to fiddle with base station settings really.All in all that product is awesome, and I will be looking forward to try it some more this winter.

One major flaw though the base station seems to prevent my PC to boot up when the USB is plugged in. It's apparently a know issues with some other SteelSeries products and some motherboard mine being an Asus P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 (Socket 1155). I have not tried fixing the problem yet as I don't actually use the USB audio input I just worked around it by simply unplugging the USB cable. As explained above I'm using optical out and audio in to connect the PC to the base station.