Perl Programming

In that topic one should find help and samples about perl programming.

Online resources

Perl documentation

Samples & Examples

my $dummy="lala";
print "$dummy"; #Will be "Lala"

Using CPAN

perl -MCPAN -e 'shell'

install <module-name>


CPAN Configuration

On a Debian machine the CPAN configuration is stored in:


Installing packages on MS Windows


Use ActivePerl Perl Package Manager PPM and do:
install <package-name>


From the package directory:
nmake install

Installing Tk::CodeText package on MS Windows with ActivePerl?

That specific version of Perl is the one recomended by Symbian for using their tool chain. That's the reason why I tend to stick to that Perl version. However on my personal machine have been using and it seems to behave well with the Symbian tool chain. Anyway in both cases 631 and 638 I could not get PPM to install Tk::CodeText for me thus this article.

Perl packages

Here is some information about Perl packages have been using.

Crypt::SSLeay for Windows HTTPS support.

Symbian Perl

Perl development

Object oriented Perl

How-to check if a perl module is installed

Just run:

perl -le 'use MyModuleName';

If you don't get any error it means that perl module is installed on your machine.

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