My first Linux

I grew up in the microsoft world using MS-Dos and MS-Windows operating system. Yet for years I wanted to get some knowledge and experience with linux. I was not a complete linux newbie though. I fact I used it a bit in High School but I didn't stay long enough there to gain proper linux skills. So I was familiar with some basic shell commands such as: ls, chmod. I was taught VI by my Math teacher. I almost completely forgot about it and I'm far from being a fan. I also had some knowledge about Apache since I've been using it for years on MS-Windows.

Anyway for several months I wanted to build myself a linux box and turn it into a server. All I was missing was a PIII motherboard. I tried ebay but I never managed to get the one I wanted. So I eventually given up and following the good advice from my friend Daniel I bought myself a AOpen XC CubeMZ915 barebone loaded with Intel® Pentium® M Processor 750+ 1.86Ghz, 2GO RAM, and 200GO HD. That was in the early days of January 2006.

First of all I installed Windows XP on that machine just to make sure my hardware was working properly. Then I was busy for about a week trying out several linux distribution. Some friends helped me deciding what to try. At the same time I did not want to spend weeks assessing every single linux distribution out there. So I ended up trying only three of them:

First I tried Mandriva and at the beginning I was really seduced by this distribution and I thought I was going to use it. But then I reasoned myself and I thought I better try some other distribution before settling down for one of them. Actually I had few issues with Mandriva:

So I tried Debian but it turned out that I needed to setup extra drivers to support my network adapter so I quickly dismissed that distribution.

Then I tried Mandriva again before installing Suse eventually. And I have to say I'm more than happy with Suse so far. Never got a single machine crash. It seems to support my hardware very well. Great administration and setting support using Yast. Automatic system update. Suse was the distribution I wanted.

Want to know how I configured that Suse 10.0 linux please go here .

-- StephaneLenclud - 07 Feb 2006