Multi-frame Texture Production

Purpose & Scope

In this document we are describing a way to produce a multi-frame texture from individual bitmap frames. The targeted audience are junior game developers and graphic artists.


Multi-frame texture is a technique often used in video game development for rendering animations and bitmap fonts. In this tutorial we focus on multi-frame texture designed for animation purpose as the bitmap font texture are typically generated using dedicated software such as CBFG (see bitmap font).


We used Blender to generate our animation's frames. We used GIMP to assemble the resulting texture. Both tools are open source software. Our development machine is running Microsoft Windows XP. This tutorial should still be valid under Linux though as both Blender and GIMP run on Linux too.


Your frames of the desired resolution as individual bitmap files. The frame bitmaps could be of any format supported by GIMP. I personally tend to use TARGA as it supports alpha channel.


For the purpose of this tutorial we assume you want to generate a 256x256 texture file containing 16 frames of 64X64 pixels.



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