StephaneLenclud?: Hi there

StephaneLenclud?: I'm using openGL ES and I have some problem on target.

StephaneLenclud?: Basically when moving my model on a black background it looks rather ugly as the model looks thiner whil it is moving

StephaneLenclud?: I'm wondering why

StephaneLenclud?: is that due to the screen refresh rate?

StephaneLenclud?: It look fine when running on PC

StephaneLenclud?: Maybe it's the way I'm moving my model

StephaneLenclud?: It's drawing at 32 FPS

StephaneLenclud?: Basically on device my 3D model is flickering while moving

jezek2: StephaneLenclud?: that's probably because of high latency LCD on that device

StephaneLenclud?: Too bad

StephaneLenclud?: So what can I do to improve that?

StephaneLenclud?: Would it look better on a different background color?

StephaneLenclud?: Other games and opengl app on that device don't seems to be that bad

StephaneLenclud?: So some how they workaround that problem

jezek2: try lowering contrast between the colors, eg make it gray

jezek2: and brighter colors seems to be changing faster than dark colors (at least what I observed on my LCD)

jezek2: motion blur could also help

StephaneLenclud?: great thanks for the advice

StephaneLenclud?: I'm not sure how to implement motion blur but I'll look into it

jezek2: you can blend one or more of previous frames into current frame

jezek2: that'

jezek2: that's simple fake motion blur