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3D model viewer application for S60 3rd edition, Symbian^1 and Symbian^3.
MilkShape MS3D Viewer displays MS3D files as you open them from your file browser.




Supported hardware

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walk = 0;32
run = 33;64
go_left = 65;96
go_right = 97;128

Known issues

Installation instructions

Simply download and install the SIS file on your phone. If you have not done it yet you will also need to install DataTypeRegistry to be able to open MS3D files from your file explorer. You could also use Y-Browser to set-up application/ms3d file association with MS3D Viewer but that would only work from Y-Browser itself.

If you are upgrading from v1.00(0) or older to a newer version you first need to uninstall the software before installing the newer version. Failing to do so will give you an 'Update error!' failure upon installation.


MS3D Viewer 1.06(13).

MS3D Viewer 2.00(97).

Release history

Version Date Notes
v1.06(13) 13 Nov 2010 Adding an option to disable textures.
Toggle menu items now change their text when actioned.
Various other menu improvements.
v1.06(8) 12 Nov 2010 Benefits from refactoring done for OpenGL ES 2.0 port.
Minor fixes for better performance and render on Nokia N8-00.
v2.00(97) 15 Aug 2010 Axis now drawing with colours and without depth testing.
Fixing issue where smooth zoom effect after opening the model will not occur.
Improved loading sequences fluidity.
Adding 'I' and 'O' full keyboard shortcut for zooming in and out.
v2.00(36) 27 July 2010 One can enable post processing effects through viewer.ini.
v2.00(9) 19 July 2010 First version using OpenGL ES2 APIs.
Shader program can be changed at runtime.
One can easily implement and run it's own Shader program.
v1.05(78) 10 May 2010 Fixing various issues regarding cameras when using multiple viewports.
v1.05(76) 08 May 2010 Supports touch feedback on S60 5th edition devices.
Supports multiple viewports through 'Split views' in the 'Options' menu.
v1.05(54) 06 May 2010 Adding VBO switch in Options menu.
Animated models now loads much faster.
Adding rotating camera and using it by default.
Adding Zoom options to Camera menu and fancy zoom effect after loading the model.
v1.05(36) 05 May 2010 Direct Touch UI.
Supports Wire Frame rendering from Options menu.
v1.05(25) 22 Apr 2010 Improved animation menu.
Workaround Samsung Omnia HD i8910 issue with screen switch by forcing full reload.
v1.05(17) 08 Feb 2010 Supports a lot more texture formats through Symbian Image Conversion Library.
Fixing minor defects.
v1.05(8) 05 Feb 2010 Adding support for animation ranges or moves.
Adding animation menu providing control for speed, sense and mode: cycle or loop back.
Adding 'Reset cameras' option.
Providing ninja model from Psionic as animation moves example.
v1.04(57) 21 Sep 2009 Upgrading to libjpeg v7.0.
JPEG texture loader won't print to stdio anymore.
Failing to load JPEG texture won't close the application anymore.
v1.04(48) 11 Aug 2009 FPS more stable.
Improved start-up time.
Improved progress bar for loading.
Added progress bar for frames computing.
Added menus fade in effect.
Fixed touch screen sensibility regression.
v1.04(7) 04 Aug 2009 Shows progress bar during loading.
Provides seven cameras focused on your model.
* key toggles model rotation around Y axis.
# key toggles camera info display.
Failing to load a texture is no longer critical.
Various stability and responsiveness improvements.
v1.03(24) 18 Jul 2009 Minor jpeg support improvement.
Camera far plan and light position adjusted by auto focus.
Blending enabled by default.
Can now load model with upper case texture file extension.
v1.03(14) 09 Jul 2009 Adding support for BMP RLE4 and RLE8 texture formats.
Fixing issue with relative texture path prefixed with ".\".
v1.03(2) 06 Jul 2009 Support for PNG textures.
v1.02(82) 05 Jun 2009 Fixing regression crash when trying to load a model without material.
v1.02(74) 03 Jun 2009 Fixed N96 crashes.
Info displayed at the top by default.
Options menus improvements.
v1.02(32) 01 Jun 2009 Much better touch screen usability.
Support on-screen soft keys.
v1.02(2) 27 May 2009 Support phones without GPU out of the box.
Support for touch screen.
v1.01(19) 22 May 2009 Better camera auto focus.
v1.01(14) 20 May 2009 No need for Symbian Signed Online anymore.
Camera auto focus.
Fixed panic on Reload.
Support multiple application instances.
v1.00(0) 30 Jan 2009 Removing dependency on OpenC PIPS.
v0.09(0) 28 Jan 2009 Support for JPEG textures.
v0.08(0) 02 Jan 2009 Support materials without texture file.
Support relative file path for textures.
Enable model loading from any directory.
v0.07(0) 22 Nov 2008 Improved performance on animated model with multiple groups.
Support for triangle count.
Support for precomputed frames.
Provided beast model now only has 22 frames.
v0.06(0) 10 Oct 2008 First release.

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MS3D Viewer
MS3D file viewer for S60
MilkShape MS3D file viewer for S60 3rd edition devices and the Symbian platform.