Lenovo ThinkPad

Ever since the days of IBM I have been quite fan of the ThinkPad? brand. The first laptop I owned was a ThinkPad?. I'm a trackpoint user.

Lenovo ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

In 2013 Lenovo released a new design of ThinkPad keyboard including and for the first time ever a Bluetooth version. I just could not resist get one of those if only for the joy of using a wireless trackpoint. They do make a lot of sense for HTPC and tablet setups.

BT range is quite good, mine works great from at least 5m away. You just need to make sure your Bluetooth receiver is powerful enough. My ASUS motherboard's built-in bluetooth just would not do. I had to get a descent bluetooth receiver instead.

Battery is really good.

One major issue is the nasty drift in the cursor when using your trackpoint. Often my cursor keeps on crossing half the screen after I released the trackpoint. It seems to be acceleration related so it's most likely a driver issue I which they could fix.

One other terrible thing on Windows 7 at least is that you can't disable the On Screen Display. Notably when CAPS-LOCK is on it always displays some OSD icon. I guess you could disable it all together by renaming that OSD.EXE from the driver installation directory. Instead of disabling it altogether I changed the PNG it's using for icon to be fully transparent. Thus I don't have any CAPSLOCK ON icon. You will find the OSD images in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\ThinkPad Compact Keyboard with TrackPoint driver\res