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Belkin OmniView Pro3 KVM switch 4 Port

I do not recommend this unit. It's quite expensive and I've had a lot of problems with it. It kept freezing on me and the only way to get it working again was to pull out the plug. On day after such a freeze it just broke down and I could not get it working at all. I used it for 4 months before it died on me. One other major annoyance is the lack of support for screen standby.

DIGITUS DS-12403 - KVM-/Audio-/USB-Switch - PS/2, USB - 4 Anschlüsse - 1

Good hardware but very poor image quality.

ATEN CS1784A 4-Port USB DVI Dual Link KVMP™ Switch

Good hardware, great product. Possibly the best KVM I ever used.

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