Firefox is a great web browser application.


Spellbound for FireFox 1.0.x

Get Spellbound and dictionaries


I had problem with the tabs and session in FireFox on my Suse 10.0. So I switch back 1.0.6 which is the one provided with Suse 10.0 it fixed my issues.

Firefox 2.0

Firefox 2.0 is great I just had a few customization problems.

Accesskey Shortcut

The accesskey shortcut has changed from ALT + Key to ALT + SHIFT + Key. To put it back to ALT + Key edit your all.js file from your installation directory and change the chromeAccess and contentAccess values as shown below:
pref("ui.key.chromeAccess", 5);
pref("ui.key.contentAccess", 4);

You can also goto about:config and set ui.key.contentAccess to 4 and ui.key.chromeAccess to 5.

See mozzilazine post.

Restore session

To always restore the session goto about:config and set to 3. Using browser.sessionstore.resume_session as specified here won't work for me . See mozilla wiki.

Built-in dictionary