Babylon Translator


This piece of software is probably the best translator ever for PCs. You just click on a word in your display using the middle mouse button for instance and the translation pops-up instantly. See

Licence issue

Unfortunately Babylon Ltd. will do anything to earn a few more bucks including suddenly disabling your genuine licence. In fact I own an unlimited licence of Babylon 5 and I've been using it for years. Even though it's a paid for licence Babylon Ltd. feels like they need to use pop-ups to try to get you buying the newest version of their software. That's a little annoying but one pop-up a week is really nothing I can't cope with. However towards the end of November 2008 my translator stopped working saying my unlimited license as expired. Now for the first time in my life I find myself in a position where I have to hack a software for which I own and paid big bucks for a genuine licence. Let me tell you that's a frustrating feeling. I'm a good guy and I work in the software industry so I don't do software piracy wink

Fortunately there is an easy work around to have your Babylon 5 licence working again. All you need to do is prevent Babylon to connect to the Internet. You can do that by using your Windows XP firewall or like me you can simply screw up the Babylon connection settings:

Now like me you can choose when you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest Babylon version. Enjoy!