Purpose & Scope

Provide a tutorial for Software Engineers to get started with Android development. It's worth mentioning that I am myself a noob when it comes to Android development. So chances are this guide is full of rubbish and simplification. You've been warned. Emphasis will be on native C/C++ and OpenGL programming. We assume Windows based development machine.

Development environment installation

You will need to setup:


Environment Variables

You might need to define something like:

set ANDROID_SDK_HOME = D:\Dev\Android\adt-bundle-windows\sdk

set JAVA_HOME = C:\Java\jdk1.7.0_40

set PATH = D:\Dev\Android\ant\bin;C:\MinGW\bin;D:\Dev\Android\sdk\tools;D:\Dev\Android\ndk;%PATH%

Build process

So the workflow goes like:
AndroidManifest.xml >> android update project -t 1 -p . -s >> build.xml >> ant release >> MyProject-release.apk

CMake support



Other links

Here are some links I gathered about the well known Android operating system for smartphones: